Environmental Review & Verification

An environmental review is a way of assessing your business' environmental performance and establishing priorities for action. It is a three-stage process:

  • Review the current environmental position.
  • Identifying areas of improvement and setting targets
  • Developing and implementing an action plan

The review should cover legal requirements that apply to your business and ensure compliance with your ESG policy. Your review should also cover areas of good practice, such as using resources efficiently and management of the environmental performance of your business. 

ESG issues may sound a bit technical and complex; we can take you through the process. Whether you are a government’s body, private organisation or financial institution, our experts will tailor the review accordingly.

Green bonds verification 

Our key priority is improving the environment and supporting the businesses in their ESG effort. We provide independent third-party verification of the environmental statements in green bond official disclosures. Compass ESG is an Observer member of CIMA and can verify green bond issuances in the solar, wind, water, low carbon buildings and low carbon transportation sectors.

SDG strategy & implementation consultancy

Improving the environment and supporting the businesses in their ESG effort is our key priority. We provide independent third-party verification of the environmental statements in green bond official disclosures. Compass ESG is an Observer member of CIMA and can provide verification on green bond issuances in the solar, wind, water, low carbon buildings and low carbon transportation sectors.

ESG review for Govt projects & investments

Several social and environmental Govt projects and initiatives require a report on ESG issues and their policy to reduce carbon, enhance sustainability, and improve governance.

Our experts have been helping and supporting organisations to develop their carbon neutral strategy and improve ESG performance for several years.

We assist Govt organisations and projects of all sizes in navigating the ESG agenda. We provide reviews, advisory and assurance related services, including the following.

  • Environmental action plan.
  • Social impact improvement and investment.
  • Governance improvement and enhancement.
  • Net-zero carbon review.

Third party independent review 

In today's fast-moving world of social media, credibility and reliability are paramount to any organisation, especially when it comes to ESG.

You can easily enhance your credibility and public image of your ESG efforts, actions, and investments by getting your ESG strategy, policy, objectives, and activities endorsed and reviewed by a reliable third-party independent reviewer.

We also provide an independent third-party review for our clients to add credibility and transparency to the reports for their investors, suppliers, customers and regulators. Once the assessment is approved, you will receive a seal of authentication and approval from us.

ESG review & verification for Islamic financial organisation, & products

Compass ESG introduces Islamic & Sharia compliant ESG verification.  Established ESG reviewer and verifier who can understand Islamic organisations, their culture, ethos, and products, along with expertise in ESG review and verification. 

We can verify your Shariah ESG policy, strategy and actions for Islamic organisations or products.  We can help you at every step of the process and support you to achieve your ESG objective.

We are the pioneer of Islamic & Sharia ESG verification, and we are the only UK based Islamic ESG verifying and reviewing organisation in the UK and worldwide.

Sharia ESG review & ESG policy verification

Help is available to organisations of all sizes to review and verify their Sharia-compliant ESG strategy, policy, and actions.

Our review will include a point-based report for your investors, customers and suppliers assurance about your Sharia ESG policies, strategies, implementations and results on the action taken by your organisation to address ESG issues under the guidance of sharia rules. Our experts are the pioneer author of Sharia ESG guidance. We are London based global ESG organisation with excellent credibility, profound knowledge and expertise.

We love to hear from you, to book an appointment. Please call or send us an email at

Sharia ESG Strategy development & training.

Compass ESG provides Shariah ESG for over 4 trillion dollar market and over 1.5 billion people of the Islamic faith. Sharia ESG is a perimeter that defines and enhances the ESG concept in light of Sharia principles of Islamic jurist prudence.

All ESG activities may not be sharia-compliant. Therefore, we can help you develop ESG strategies and policies suitable to the need and requirements of sharia-compliant markets, investors, and customers.

We provide free consultation and initial evaluation for your Sharia-compliant ESG strategy. Give us a call or email to discuss and book an initial consultation.

Environmental Strategy development 

Compass ESG will help you to develop the best in class environmental strategy for your organisation, covering all aspects of the strategy along with an implementation guide. We believe that every organisation is different; therefore, the environmental strategy will be based on your organisation's specific needs and goals to provide the best results.

Governance reviews & training

A challenge that every organisation have to face. Train your board and senior members to make the best decisions for the investors, employees, suppliers, customers and society on the whole. Our corporate governance training programme will address today's world's most challenging governance issues.

Gain credibility for your corporate board. We can assist you in reviewing your corporate governance compliance policy and structure. We will provide a third party independent review on the governance board and leadership.

CSR review & verification

Public image and approval are more important than ever for every organisation. Get good social work verified and reviewed using credible criteria by an independent reviewer. This will hold more credibility in public and the media. We have helped our clients improve their CSR performance and credibility through our review and verification of their social actions and impact.