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We are Observer member  & external reviewer for the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) & Green Bond Principle.

Sustainable and inclusive capitalism is growing every day. Investors and stakeholders have now started to emphasise organisations to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Companies should now be mindful & responsive to direct and indirect impacts on society and the environment. The effect includes local job creation, adding value to the local population & residents, serving customers with loyalty, creating long-term sustainable supply chains, paying fair taxes and reducing environmental impact.


Why address ESG issues now?

After Covid-19, there is a significant drive and need to address environmental and sustainability issues because it has become part of our economic and business risk. We need to take decisive action to mitigate and hedge ourselves as corporates against future threats. 

Investors and customers are highly sophisticated and educated regarding ESG issues. Therefore, companies need to be more responsible and focus on how they behave and act in society, not just profit. In the recent EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) Institutional Investor survey, 72% of the investors now emphasise ESG.

Today's business world is not about just making money, it is about your impact on society and the environment. Your bottom-line profitability and ESG are directly linked. Now Governments are also putting pressure to respond to ESG issues. With a specific focus on reducing the carbon footprint to a net zero-carbon economy.

How Compass ESG can help you?

We are passionate about providing the best services to our clients. Our philosophy is simple; we will work with you and handhold you through the journey. From the initial study, review, strategy design, educating, training, implementation, transformation and post-completion review. We will walk the path with you to ensure the successful implementation of the ESG strategy. We will also help our clients gain 3rd party independent reviews as external reviewers.

Why us?

We provide the best in class services. Our consultants have written books on Environmental issues, developed and pioneered sharia ESG models. Our multilingual and multicultural teams will offer well-rounded services to your organisation. Our unique services include Shariah ESG review and implantation (Sharia-compliant ESG model) to support our niche clients across the globe.

Start your ESG journey with Compass ESG 


Our focus is on giving you the clarity to make the right decisions and take the right actions.  Our approach is grounded in perspective; our experienced ESG consultants will work with you on a wide range of ESG issues and challenges you and your organisation face and suggest suitable ESG solutions and options.

About us

Compass ESG is a London based company combining unparalleled comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions. Our creative environment and extensive research capabilities enable us to support our clients in every aspect of their business.


Compass ESG works on a range of different projects for its clients. We have successfully managed and completed ESG strategy, verification, review and implementation projects for our clients in various business lines and activities, ranging from ethical bonds, corporate and govt projects to ESG strategy development.

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Designed For Your ESG  Needs

Our solutions are created with your specific needs in mind. We provide a perspective you can trust, so you and your client can make ESG friendly decisions with conviction.


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